How to Whiten Teeth at Home? 5 Best Teeth Whitening Home Remedies


Let’s face it! Smiling makes you look more beautiful but who would be comfortable smiling with yellow teeth? Nobody likes a person with yellow teeth as it gives the impression of a lack of proper dental hygiene. Regardless of brushing regularly, some people may have lost the enamel layer of their teeth, showing the mildly yellow dentin layer.

The dentin layer is naturally yellow, but even that does not look good while smiling. Others have food stains on their enamel along with plaque buildup. This causes people to lose confidence and shy away from flaunting their beautiful smile anywhere.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home?

Here are six easy home remedies which require minimal work and produce satisfactory results:

5 Best Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

BAKING SODA – Studies have proven that baking soda has teeth whitening properties. That is why it is a key ingredient in most toothpaste. Baking soda also cleans the resistant stains and plaque buildup on teeth. It is readily available and can be used multiple times a week.

One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with two teaspoons of water make a paste which should be used to brush teeth. This can be done multiple times a week, and results start to show after using baking soda for at least two weeks with consistency.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – Hydrogen Peroxide solution is known for its bleaching properties and is commonly used to whiten teeth. Usually, the 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is available in drugstores. This can be diluted with half part water and half part hydrogen peroxide, bringing down the concentration to 1.5%.

Combining baking soda with hydrogen peroxide is ideal. One teaspoon of baking soda, two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and one to two teaspoons of water will make a good enough paste which can be used to brush teeth. Limit this procedure to three times a week as hydrogen peroxide can erode enamel if used too frequently.

AVOIDING CERTAIN THINGS – Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, sodas, alcohol, etc., can damage teeth and leave stains. They also lead to plaque buildup. Limiting their use can significantly reduce the formation of stains and plaque on your teeth. Smoking is too hazardous for dental health. It should be avoided to prevent yellowing of teeth and weakening of the gums.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful agent for whitening teeth. It acts as a gentle gum and teeth cleanser while removing resistant teeth stains. It contains Acetic acid along with other minerals which kill bad bacteria and prevent their growth.

It also helps in the breakdown of plaque due to its acidic nature. Rubbing apple cider vinegar on teeth daily for one minute followed by a plain water mouth rinse is proven to show maximum results within days.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL – One of the easiest ways to whiten teeth include the use of activated charcoal. It is simple to use as well. Dip your toothbrush in activated charcoal and brush your teeth for a minute before rinsing your mouth with clean water till your spit becomes clear. Follow this trick three times a week to see instant results.

It is always better to prevent teeth from turning yellow by keeping check and balance on your dental hygiene and visiting a dentist regularly. Using products found in stores which claim to whiten teeth instantly contain pure concentrated bleach which is very dangerous for teeth. It is always better to avoid them.

Applying home remedies to whiten yellow teeth are simpler, easier and much safer compared to harsh chemicals. You can get your desired results of beautiful white, sparkly teeth without damaging them at all. Pearly white, radiant teeth make for a charming smile. Hence, it is wise to take care of your teeth from the start.

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