Best Hair Care Tips: Have Long and Thick Hair Growth with Home Remedies


The first thing anybody notices about you includes your hair. The color, texture, consistency, length – all these things define your hair, and eventually, are a part of your recognizable traits. Taking care of your hair is vital to create a good impression on people as it imparts a sense of hygiene and self-consciousness.

Here are six fantastic hair care tips that will help you maintain a thicker, softer and more attractive head of hair to match your personality.


Oil your hair regularly, at least 2 to 3 times a week, using any of the nutritious oils such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Castor Oil, etc. You could also make a combination by mixing two or three oils and applying it all together. The best time to oil your hair is an hour before showering, to pre-condition them.


Nobody like showering with cold water but your hair benefits the most from it. Use cold water to wash your hair as hot water tends to strip your hair of its natural oils, making it drier and more ruffled. If not cold water, luke-warm water works just fine.


A great way to add volume, hydration, and shine to your hair is by applying a hair mask to your hair once a week at least. The mask will be more advantageous if it contains natural ingredients such as egg, honey, mayonnaise, Aloe Vera gel, lemon juice, etc. The mask provides ample nutrition to your hair and boosts their features.


Diet is one of the most important contributing factors for the well being of any bodily system. Your hair benefits equally from a healthy, balanced diet composed of an increased intake of water, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and nutritious foods.


A major cause of damaged, frizzy, untamed hair is the use of excessive heat styling gadgets such as curling irons, blow driers or straighteners. If you can not stop using them completely, then the best way to protect your hair from damage is by using a heat protectant agent or product which forms a barrier between your hair and the heating gadget. This will massively improve your hair’s texture as well.


A common mistake people make is improperly brushing your hair. Wet hair should never be brushed as they are more prone to breakage. You can apply a conditioner in the shower and detangle using a wet brush. Once out of the shower, let your hair air-dry before brushing it. This will ensure less breakage of hair.


Taking care of your hair speaks volumes about you. People with well-taken-care-of hair create excellent impressions on others and naturally boosts your own confidence as well. Just by oiling, conditioning, using the right products and avoiding the irritants or damaging triggers, you can improve your hair by ten-fold. A few tips and tricks applied daily for your hair will provide stunning long-term results.

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